The Nervos Network Bulletin: September 2022


September has been a busy month at Nervos. We continued to expand our reach at events, successfully completed several integrations, and a significant update of Godwoken becoming a Game+ Blockchain, the first modular gaming full stack blockchain. 

Godwoken Ascending into the Nervosphere

The month started with our recent Godwoken development update with the latest v1.5 node version and v1.6.3 Godwoken API, further strengthening seamless application development and scalability.

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Multichain integrates with Godwoken to Continue the Path Forward to Interoperability.

Multichain, cross-chain routing protocol has successfully integrated with the Layer 2 Godwoken, optimistic roll-up built on the Nervos CKB Layer 1. This integration allows users to seamlessly interact with assets and different data types on other chains using the Multichain protocol.

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The First Oracle on CKB arrived on Godwoken.

Another successful integration would include the latest integration with Band Protocol, a decentralized oracle platform. This latest integration with Godwoken can aggregate and connect real-world data and APIs to smart contracts on Layer 2.

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Godwoken Game+ Blockchain

We’re excited to announce the launch of Godwoken Game+ Blockchain. A 100% EVM Layer 2 optimistic rollup blockchain that will be an indépendant organization. The Godwoken Game+ Blockchain is the first modular gaming full stack blockchain that is a community-driven, fun-first gaming blockchain and more.

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Nervos at Conferences

This month the Nervos foundation was at 2 events to ensure we expand Nervos’ presence all around the globe. The foundation successfully held booths at Mainnet 2022 on September 21-23 in New York and Token2049 on September 28-29 in Singapore and shared insights and interests with many global leaders in the Web3 space.

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