The Nervos TrailBlazer Program

Be a part of the Nervos ecosystem and help spread the word in your area. Build up a community, create content or help how you can for $CKB rewards.

What is a TrailBlazer?

A TrailBlazer is someone who is pioneering new lands for the growth of the global Nervos Ecosystem. At Nervos, we want to make blockchain totally inclusive and interoperable; this means calling on people to be a part of our team and rewarding them for it.

We have a number of roles, bounties and tasks for people to complete. There are also different levels of involvement you can select letting you blaze the trail for Nervos at your pace.

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Who is it for?

Community Builders
Spread Nervos in your location. Be our Community Builder in your country. Set up meets, build Nervos’ profile, and share ideas on how you can get Nervos to your community.

Content Creators
Tell Nervos’ story. Are you a master wordsmith, a video guru, podcast host or know of any other medium to spread the story of Nervos — let us know.

Help to keep the conversations going. We need people in our channels working with and interacting with users to ensure a good experience for all.

Let’s make it reachable. We want Nervos to be totally global and not leave anyone out. This means making the content accessible, and we need you to make that happen.



We have a broad range of rewards outlined for the different types of TrailBlazers. From Community Leaders for their ongoing work to those completing TrailBlazer Tasks, like content creation or translation, all the way to TrailBlazer Blasts where you can be compensated for simply retweeting.

We have a three-tier system for our TrailBlazer rewards:

Trailblazer Community Leaders
TrailBlazer Community Leaders will be rewarded for building local engaged Nervos Communities in order to strategically grow Nervos in their local culture. This role is not intended to be a one-off grant and rewards will be released on a quarterly basis. Candidates will be interviewed and their effectiveness within the local community will be assessed.

Trailblazers Tasks
Completing tasks intended to expand and grow the Nervos community will also be rewarded upon completion. From content creation, translation, hosting an AMA, producing an education video, etc, these tasks will be paid on a one-off basis and will vary based on reach and engagement.

Trailblazer Blasts
We will be providing monthly reward pools for people to join our community and help spread the word about Nervos. These Blasts require as little as retweeting news about Nervos for a chance to earn $CKB. There will be different Booster Campaigns each month announced on our Twitter: Follow here for more information.

Trailblazer Recruitment Video


Should my proposal have to be focused solely only on Nervos CKB?
No community exists in a vacuum and there’s a need to contextualize Nervos within the ecosystem it resides. Feel free to apply with novel approaches to community building. Are you involved in a developer community? A university? A market-focused community? Your proposal can be hyper-focused on Nervos or part of a larger community focused on emerging technologies.

I have an existing community, can I still work with Nervos?
Community is about bringing people together. We highly encourage existing communities to apply to our Trailblazer program.

What happens if there is already a Trailblazer in my country?
It’s important to remember that Trailblazers are focused on different tactics to grow communities, some are more interested in online moderation, others in offline events, while others are more interested in creating novel content, and others are interested in marketing efforts. We encourage you to apply and share your plan with us.