Understanding the Nervos Mission

We are on a mission to create a more inclusive future by
building a sustainable path to the decentralized economy.

brand values


When blockchain first gained global traction, technologists rejoiced, enthusiasts invested, and the public paid attention; a path to the decentralized future had been cleared.

10 years later, much has changed. While progress toward global adoption is being furthered every day the path to getting there is less clear. Saddled with rigid frameworks, many once promising projects have hit a wall. Fragmentation has led to division in communities, putting them at odds instead of allowing them to combine their efforts and work together.

At Nervos, we believe the path forward lies in the ability of the network to adapt. Instead of dictating our rules from on high, we’re working with the community to build allowing our network to evolve alongside whoever is participating in it. We stand for permissionless action and are designing our code and our communities to thrive, not split, as we add more voices.

We believe that the only decentralized future is a flexible one, and are excited to see where open collaboration will take us. We’re using our innovation as a catalyst for a more inclusive economy.



We have worked hard on our shiny new logo so please feel free to download the image asset if you need to use it in any press.

Nervos Logo

Nervos Logo Type

Nervos Logo Mark

Nervos Logo

Nervos Logo Type

Nervos Logo Mark


We are black and white with most things,
but a splash of color always hits home
Nervos Secondary Colors


OPS Past Perfect

OPS Past Perfect typeface was designed by
OurPoliteSociety Type with the goal of creating
a modular typeface composed of different shapes.
It is available in 1 weight and covers the
Latin Extended character set.

For use in headlines and intro-esque copy.
It’s open-source.

Download OPS Past Perfect
OPS letters


Cell Model

Inspired by the multitude of cells in the Nervos Blockchain,
the brand identity is comprised of a grid of individual shapes
meant to metaphorically represent the myriad possibilities
available in Nervos technology, both today and into the future.

Variation in color and shape placement hints at the continual
addition, re-creation and dismantling of cells in the network.

cell model

The Not so Fine Print

Please remember we have put a lot of work into our brand design and artwork so we have protected them under intellectual property laws.

Please go ahead and use our artwork for things like…

✓ Linking to Nervos.org with our downloadable logo
✓ Advertising your project is built on the Nervos Network without logo
✓ Posting news, articles or blogs about the Nervos Foundation with our logo
✓ Any other explicitly approved uses e.g meme competitions

Naming projects and products

Please avoid naming your projects anything that implies the Nervos
Foundation’s endorsement. This also applies to domain names.

Please dont do things like…

✗ Use the Nervos Foundation logo or icon as your application’s icon
✗ Create a modified version of the Nervos Foundation Logo
✗ Integrate the Nervos Foundation logo or icon into your logo
✗ Use any Nervos brand assets without permission


In short, Nervos logos and brand assets represent only the Nervos
Foundation and should not be used to represent your products.



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