The CKByte (CKB) — A pioneer in cryptocurrency utility

CKB is a cryptocurrency that can be used as a secure store
of value, like Bitcoin. It can also be a value token behind smart
contracts, like ETH. Store, execute, and even rent space on the
Nervos Blockchain with CKBytes.


What is CKB?

What is CKByte?

The CKByte is the token that fuels the Nervos Network. It is not Bitcoin, and it is not ETH -- it is more than that.

The unique crypto-economic design makes it an ideal use case for Store of Value as well as capturing the total value of the network to increase security and aligning the interests of Users, Miners, Developers and Node operators.
How is it unique?

Our token is unique because it can achieve more than just one use. $CKB is not just storing value, or just executing smart contracts, it does both and more.

$CKB's crypto-economic design is not just to facilitate transactions, but also for long-term value preservation which scales with network growth and value creation. $CKB is a powerful tool for the network, but a strong stand alone crypto as well.
What can it be used for?

Being a unique token that stretches the limits of what you know in cryptocurrency to be possible, $CKB comes with a lot of uses.

You will be happy to know $CKB ticks the boxes to be used as a medium of exchange, as well as a store of value. You can use $CKB in executing your smart contracts or for use in dApps and even in renting out space on the blockchain.
What is Nervos DAO?

The Nervos DAO lets you lock CKBytes, that are currently unused, in order to receive rewards from secondary issuance.

Think of it like this, if you are depositing in the Nervos DAO, your holdings will never be diluted by secondary issuance. Although it may seem slightly complicated at first, the Nervos DAO, alongside every aspect of $CKB, is developed in a totally permissionless, decentralized and trustless way.
How to purchase $CKB?

The best way to purchase the $CKB token is to visit one of the exchanges listed below. If you need some more help, we have a step-by-step guide that will take you through the process of purchaing $CKB.

How to purchase CKB

The best way to purchase the CKB token is to visit one of the following exchanges.

We can help you along with the step by step guide.
Also US investors can use SafePal for buying $CKB.
You can find any $CKB wallet, DEX and Exchange tutorials here.

How do I store my
CKB and keep it safe

There are a number of ways that you can keep your CKB safe on either software or even hardware wallets.

Additionally, CKB is available at several exchanges, where it can be stored, but for added security, it is worth looking into some other options.

Neuron is the Nervos Network’s native wallet

Easy and secure digital wallet trusted by millions

One of the more popular hardware wallets and it offers support for storing CKB.



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