Hashing it Out: Highlights – Episode 8

NervosReleases & Updates

In the 8th “Hashing it Out” episode, Jordan, one of our Senior Software Developers chats with Monica Marie, Chief of Staff at Godwoken, and Matt, our Ecosystem Development Manager, about the latest updates surrounding Nervos Network and Godwoken. 

Without further ado, let’s jump right into it!

Updates From Nervos

  • On the third anniversary of the Nervos CKB mainnet, Terry Tai, co-founder of Nervos Network and CEO of Nervos Foundation, provided extensive answers to many queries from the Chinese community. Jordan’s major takeaway is a renewed focus on governance and DAOs, whereas Monica’s largest takeaway is lowering the development barriers on L1 by collaborating with the .bit team. Click here to find out more about Terry’s sharing.
  • The 4th anniversary of CKB mainnet will mark the first halving when mining rewards are cut in half, which is expected to happen in November 2023.
  • Jane Wu, Managing Director of Nervos Foundation, gave a speech on the topic of CKB: Past and Future at the World Digital Mining Summit 2022.
  • UTXO Alliance is making modest but steady progress. Nervos will work more closely with other alliance members on the UTXO technology.
  • Development Updates:
    • CKB light client soft fork has been deployed to the Pudge testnet. The CKB light client implements a sampling-based protocol (based on FlyClient), which eliminates the requirement to download and verify all blocks. This will allow users in resource-constrained environments (such as mobile devices or web browsers) to trustlessly and directly interact with CKB. More information can be found in RFC0044.
    • CKB has a slew of new performance updates and more progress on Open Transactions. Open Transactions are Nervos’ solution to some of the challenges of working with UTXOs and will be a big step to unlocking their potential.
    • Force Bridge is in “maintenance mode, ” meaning there will not be any new integrations in the short term. However, the development team is working in preparation for Force Bridge 2.
    • The first release of Axon, a configurable high-performance sidechain framework with built-in interoperability, will have limited features, and tools and documentation are still being worked on. Follow @AxonWeb3 for more updates.
  • Tooling:
    • A new JavaScript framework to build apps called Kuai is in development.
    • Lumos is in “maintenance mode”, and light client support was recently added.
    • Neuron is getting new updates, including support for Apple silicon and a new interface.
    • Something being done with EIP-712 will be announced soon.

Updates From Godwoken

  • Godwoken is officially carbon neutral, as it has chosen to support Ripple Africa, a U.K.-based charity behind a fuel-efficient cookstove that is transforming kitchens in Malawi, via its carbon offset program. Click here to learn more.
  • Godwoken team hosted India’s first Blockchain Gaming Conference during the ETHIndia on the 5th of December. Around 250 people showed up and learned.
  • Godwoken team is working on Blockchain Gaming 101, an educational program that aims to become the most extensive game x Web3 library to help developers and non-developers break into gaming x blockchain. The course will be free and is expected to go live by the end of Q1 2023. 
  • Band VRF (Verifiable Random Function), which allows for on-chain random number generation (RNG) that is both fair and verifiable to users on permissionless blockchains, is live on Godwoken.
  • Godwoken team will host the first live team chat on Twitter Spaces at 7:00 pm UTC / 11:00 am PST on December 14th, 2022. Set a reminder here

Updates From Community Projects 

We are still in a bear market, and some community projects may fail as the statistic shows that 90% of all startups fail over time. So, do your own research (DYOR) and think twice before making any financial decisions.

Below are updates from community projects:

  • The website of Kollect has been shut down, but all NFTs and funds that were in Kollect are still in your wallet. 
  • NexisDAO will close the website in a month, so we recommend everyone with dCKB convert it back to CKB asap.
  • MixPay, a decentralized Web3 cross-chain ‍payment protocol, has integrated Nervos CKB.
  • JoyID, a web-based non-custodial wallet that does authentication using biometric sensors (e.g. Touch ID, Face ID) and supports social recovery, will launch on testnet soon.

Others updates:

  • Some mining hardware manufacturers are releasing new CKB mining rigs.
  • Infinix Mobile, a smartphone company with a reach in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, have adopted the CoTA standard for their NFT drop.

To learn more about Godwoken, visit http://godwoken.com or follow @GodwokenRises on Twitter.

To learn more about Nervos, visit https://www.nervos.org/ or follow @NervosNetwork on Twitter.