The Nervos Network Bulletin: April 2022

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What Happened This Month? 

April was a great month for Nervos as our team had a major presence at crypto conferences throughout Europe, made progress on our 2022 roadmap, launched a new program to support Web3 builders and much more. Make sure to read through some of our biggest accomplishments for the month!

Nervos at major crypto conferences throughout Europe

Nervos headed to Europe to help bring even more awareness to our platform. At each conference, our team met many potential new developers to help build our community and ecosystem.

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Nervos gets ready for a Major Protocol Upgrade to our Layer 1

As part of the 2022 roadmap, Nervos launched the Major Protocol Upgrade on Testnet in preparation for launch on Mainnet.  This upgrade will lay the foundation for an even more efficient and capable Nervos platform.

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Nervos launches the Nervos Build Club program

Nervos introduced the Nervos Build Club which is a brand new program that will bring together Web3 builders and provide them with the resources and peer-to-peer support they need to successfully launch their dApps. 

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Nervos welcomes DIA (Decentralised Information Asset) Oracles

Nervos welcomed DIA to deploy its data infrastructure into our Layer 2 architecture. This deployment is set to provide a new oracle service for dApps building on our Layer 2, or those porting over from Ethereum.

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Nervos creates a new Hashing it Out for our community

Our popular discussion session, ‘Hashing it Out’ got a major overhaul this month – check out the first big episode where we discuss, with co-founder Kevin Wang, our Layer 1 Major Protocol Upgrade, the next steps in our Layer 2 advancement and more. 

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