Now Use Ledger to Store, Send and Receive Nervos CKB Tokens

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In our continuing bid to make Nervos easy to use and user friendly, we are excited to, finally, announce we have completed a full integration with Ledger. Ledger is well known in the cryptocurrency space as one of the leading makers of hardware wallets. 

Starting today, Nervos users can store, send and receive $CKB using their Ledger Nano X and Ledger Nano S wallets.

Hardware wallets like Ledger, allow users to secure their cryptocurrency with a hardware wallet device to reduce security risks vs. those commonly associated with storing and transacting with an online wallet or what is commonly referred to as a hot wallet.

A Major Step for Nervos 

Ledger devices support only select crypto tokens so for Nervos to be one of only a few projects that have completed a full integration with the wallet provider it is a testament to progress of the platform that is being built. This major accomplishment is a proud moment for Nervos as this is an integration that has been one of the most frequent requests from our community. We heard you and we listened to you and now we are excited to offer Ledger capability for everyone’s Nervos CKB. 

Get Started Using Your Ledger with Nervos CKB 

In order to start using Ledger to manage your $CKB, we have a useful tutorial that will walk you through the steps. Click here to to get going with Ledger!

Additionally, one of our community members has created a walkthrough tutorial video to show you exactly what to expect when using Nervos on Ledger. Click here!

Win a Ledger Hardware Wallet !

Additionally, we want to show you just how simple managing your $CKB can be with Ledger, but with some added incentives. We have a giveaway promotion where you can win 1 of 30 Ledger wallets.

If you would like to get involved, stay tuned for our Gleam Campaign coming tomorrow

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