Nervos: The Ultimate Elevator Pitch

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The elevator door opens and you step in. People in the back corner are talking about the most popular blockchains in an excited manner.

You turn around looking inquisitively and say:  “Oh, have you heard of the Nervos Network?”

They both say “No… what’s that, a dApp?” 

You say “No, but it’s a blockchain platform that is quite incredible and probably one of the most underrated ones out there with a lot of potential”. 

Then they say “Oh really? Tell us more.”  

And now it’s your time to shine and you begin the pitch.. 

“Nervos is a unique multi-layered blockchain platform where a wide variety of dApps can be built. It is powered by an incredibly secure Layer 1, based on the most secure consensus model, the Bitcoin Proof-of-Work model.  

The next layer is EVM compatible for flexible dApp building and easy porting. 

Then to give those dApps massive reach Nervos provides multi-chain tools such as wallets, bridges and more, making it so dApps don’t need to think about what chain to build on next. Building on Nervos means expanding and connecting to the most popular chains for a growing ecosystem of dApps.”

“Wait a minute… let me digest that,” they say.

Now let’s dive deeper into the pitch so when they inevitably ask you questions, you’re ready to go. 

The Nervos Layer 1 is Proof-of-Work for the best security

Proof-of-work is the same model that Bitcoin runs on, and also one of the reasons that Bitcoin has remained so vital to the blockchain ecosystem. It is the most secure model because as the network grows so does the security resulting in greater decentralization. 

This is the exact same reason that Nervos uses this consensus mechanism. 

Nervos has made further improvements upon the original model to make the platform even more secure and efficient. With this rock-solid secure foundation, the Nervos Layer 1 acts as the anchor for the platform.

The Nervos Layer 2 is EVM compatible for quick building and easy porting 

Nervos’ Layer 2 is EVM compatible making it easy for developers to build upon. Any developer who is experienced in Solidity will have no problem building in a familiar environment on Nervos.  

With EVM compatibility in the Layer 2, on top of a very secure Layer 1, this combination provides the basic framework to enable developers to do what they do best, focus on building. Then to add even more capability for developers they also have access to a multi-chain toolset. 

Multi-Chain Tools for Interoperability 

Nervos’ multi-chain tools make the broad blockchain ecosystem far more accessible, and easy to reach. 

On Nervos, you can have access to Ethereum and BSC liquidity from your chosen wallet through the Force Bridge, with Cardano on the way, and eventually many more chains. 

This is just the beginning as Nervos works to integrate with all chains to provide easy direct access to the entire blockchain ecosystem. 

Every day more and more multi-chain tools are being introduced into the Nervos platform that continually reduce the silos across blockchains. 

So, you see that Nervos provides a comprehensive platform solution comprising of a highly secure Layer 1, an easy to build on EVM compatible Layer 2 and finally multi-chain tools for massive reach. With all these benefits combined you have a platform that is on a path to enable an ever growing ecosystem of dApps that will power the future of the Web3.0 world.

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