Nervos Network Godwoken Announcement


Nervos Network is excited to announce Godwoken Game+ Blockchain! The 100% EVM Layer 2 optimistic rollup blockchain will now be spinning off into its own independent organization spearheaded by Eric Vander Wal, CEO and former head of Developer Relations at Nervos Foundation, along with Flouse (CIO, former lead developer of Cryptape Engineering), JJY (CTO, former lead developer at Cryptape Engineering) and other team members from Nervos Foundation and Cryptape Engineering. Additionally new members used to work at Apple, Blizzard and in the gaming industry will be joining the team from outside of these two organizations.

Godwoken Game+ Blockchain aims to prioritizes fun-first gaming through ecosystem incentives, support and cutting edge technology. It will take a leading charge on web3 gaming transparency, sustainability and ethics. 

Godwoken Game+ Blockchain is the first modular gaming full stack blockchain. Pick and choose the pieces you want to use (or not), but know that each piece fits together as it should out of the box for the best blockchain gaming development experience. However, that being said, we believe that no project in web3 (dApp or game) is an island and will benefit from a full and bustling web3 ecosystem of defi dApps, bridges, NFT projects and NFT marketplaces.

As many of you already know, Godwoken is 100% EVM Compatible so developers can use their favorite tooling and wallets right out of the box and get the Ethereum benefits without the cost. 

Godwoken plans to release a full roadmap in the coming weeks which includes Godwoken metaverse wallet with social sign in (and nothing to download), frictionless prepaid gas (or gasless) API as a service, easy web2 to web3 APIs and even game engine SDKs tailor made for Godwoken. All of this with a low cost and green energy footprint. And as always, security comes from Nervos L1 Blockchain with maximized decentralization and sustainability through an open source design. 

It is important to us that we acknowledge the team at Cryptape who has always worked closely with us to build some of the most amazing technology in the web3 space. We also want to recognize the Nervos community and the support that you have always shown. And of course, the entire Nervos Foundation team!

In Q3 the Godwoken roadmap will be released so make sure to visit the website to get updates and stay on top of all news:

Godwoken Twitter:

Godwoken Discord: