Nervos Layer 1 – A Major Protocol Upgrade is Rolling Out


The Nervos Network core team is one step closer to checking off one of the biggest milestones in our roadmap for 2022. A Major Protocol Upgrade is completed and will soon launch on the Nervos L1 Mainnet.

This significant achievement is the first hard fork since the Nervos Network 2019 initial Mainnet “Lina” launch. And with it, we are excited to announce the new version of Mainnet will be named “Mirana.”

This Major Protocol Upgrade (RFCs available) will pave the way for brand new features such as cryptographic-friendly instruction sets, virtual machine versioning, extensible block header, and new cryptography standards to improve efficiency, capability, and smart contract composability.

Numerous library updates have been provided along with the non-contentious hardfork (all consensus rule changes have been discussed and activated on Aggron Testnet since October 24th, 2021).

Our partners will begin their updates in preparation for the full upgrade launch on Mainnet at epoch 5414 (estimated date May 10th at 01:00 UTC). We have provided a complete migration guide to ensure preparation for node operators, miners, wallets, exchanges, and L1 dApps. Please note that this does not require any action for CKB holders.

Watch out for future posts as we break down the specific changes made and their benefits!

For questions, comments or concerns, please join our Discord and discussion on the #2022-protocol-upgrade channel. 

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