Nervos Launches BlockJam: A Virtual Conference for Game Developers Looking to Harness the Power of Blockchain


The Nervos Network is excited to launch BlockJam, a 16-day online conference and hackathon starting June 17th, to educate and excite traditional game developers about how blockchain can take their games to the next level.

There is over $50,000 up for grabs for developers who take part in this gaming-themed GameJam hackathon. Additionally, with the help of our partners, we will be hosting talks and educational sessions from Web & Gaming experts.

Blockchain is already proving to be a powerful tool in adding an edge to the global gaming industry. We hope to shine a brighter light on what this technology can do, especially on the Nervos Network. 

Nervos is taking a particular interest in the gaming industry. We believe that our platform can be a destination of choice for developers who want to improve their games, bolster the gaming community, change how game stores work and add new types of value creation. 

What is BlockJam?

BlockJam 2022 is a global virtual conference and hackathon bringing game developers into the Web3 ecosystem. This 16 day value-packed event will begin with talks and sessions from Web3 & gaming experts, followed by a traditional style GameJam hackathon, with a blockchain flavor!

BlockJam is here for devs to test their mettle and stand a chance to win part of the $50,000+ prize pool, and for them to hear directly from industry leaders about how blockchain can improve the gaming space. 

In association with our partners at Chainsafe and Filecoin, BlockJam participants will learn about ERC-1155, the future of gameFi and Play to Earn, all while competing for big cash-value prizes.

Nervos is hosting this event because we are looking to grow the gaming segment of our expanding ecosystem. As a blockchain platform, we are well-positioned to help gaming advance to the next level, and we want to be part of the grassroots movement to meld gaming development with blockchain technology. 

What to expect at BlockJam

BlockJam will begin with talks and sessions from leaders in the Web and Gaming space. The GameJam competition will then kick-off and run for two weeks. We will then close out the event with the results and a closing ceremony.

  • June 17 2022: Opening Sessions talk
  • June 18-19 2022: Talks and Sessions from Web & Gaming experts
  • June 20 – July 4 2022: GameJam 
  • July 10 2022: Results Announcement & Closing Ceremony

Why look to Nervos and Blockchain for Games?

There are several ways blockchain can improve games, but to get a taste of what is possible, we have outlined a few points that will be discussed further at BlockJam.

With blockchain technology built on Nervos, we can offer all the points outlined below, plus a lot more, to game developers. 

Game Improvements 

  • Make a single-player game multiplayer asynchronously
  • Provide alternate methods of sign-in accounts
  • Rent in-game items to other players

In-Game Store

  • Allow users to sell and trade in-game currency and items without the risk of fraud
  • Create methods for players to sell purchased items after they are finished using them
  • Export items from one game and import them into another game.

Game Community

  • Allow early supporters to verifiable benefit from their community or monetary support. 
  • Allow for in-game governance through fair methods
  • Reward core players over the loudest voices

Value Creation

  • Create optional monetization methods
  • Generate income by collecting a small percent on all items sold and keep your game free to play (or not)! 
  • Allow users to trade, sell, buy or give accounts.

The registration for BlockJam 2022 is now open! Participate individually or as a team and compete with the best in the industry. 

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