India’s First Blockchain Gaming Conference Powered By Nervos Network


Nervos Network is excited to collaborate with Godwoken to present India’s first Blockchain Gaming Conference on the 5th of December at The Den in Bengaluru, the capital and largest city of the Indian state of Karnataka, Where also Asia’s Biggest Ethereum Hackathon Ethindia is happening.

Blockchain Gaming Conference is a series of seminars and workshops conducted globally to educate the community about blockchain technology, gaming industry and how powerful blockchain gaming can be. The hands-on workshop and industry expert talks will inspire developers to build and launch meaningful blockchain games on the Godwoken, the first layer-2 modular gaming full-stack blockchain and infrastructure to construct blockchain-integrated games.

Godwoken is the optimistic rollup blockchain that is 100% EVM compatible, allowing developers to use their preferred tools and wallets right out of the box and get the Ethereum benefits without the cost. Godwoken aims to prioritizes fun-first gaming through ecosystem incentives, support and cutting edge technology. One of the goals of Team Godwoken is to assist blockchain game developers by giving them the required tools and launch support while releasing their blockchain games.

Following the conference, there will be a DJ networking party where attendees may meet other programmers and blockchain game enthusiasts while enjoying having fun. Attend the event if you are in Bengaluru at those times. You will learn a lot from the distinguished speakers and experienced Web3 gaming developers from around the world.

Blockchain Gaming Conference is an invitation-only event and it is currently accepting applications at

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