Highlights of Terry’s Sharing at the Twitter Space Event Celebrating the 3rd Anniversary of Nervos Mainnet


Terry Tai, co-founder of Nervos Network and CEO of Nervos Foundation, provided extensive answers to many queries from the Chinese community on November 16, 2022, during the Twitter Space event celebrating the third anniversary of the Nervos mainnet.

Let’s take a look at the highlights Terry shared.

1. Lowering the barriers of Building DApps on Nervos Network

Newcomers raised the fact that the barrier of creating dApps on the Nervos layer 1 network is very high. The following are the causes for that: 

  1. Nervos is so unique that we may consider it to be a totally new system. You either need to create everything yourself, from creating tools to setting standards and even building frameworks, or you have to wait for others to do so.
  1. Last year, the Nervos foundation prioritized the launch of Godwoken, an EVM compatible layer 2 optimistic rollup, to make the Dapp development easier. To a certain extent, this approach does not solve the underlying problem, it just bypasses it.

Terry says that the core development team have begun to address this issue. Lowering the development barriers has become the highest on their list of priorities since two months ago. Moreover, they are going to brainstorm with the ecosystem to create solutions. For example, they are now working with the .bit team to understand the difficulties the .bit team encountered, to ease the burden on other teams going forward. 

2. DAO and Governence

As stated in the Positioning Paper, we’re taking an approach of community-based governance. In the coming years, Nervos Foundation and the core development team will work together to build tools and mechanisms for community-based governance. We feel that anyone with a brilliant idea should be able to contribute by submitting a proposal, get thoroughly assessed by the community, and then get rewarded from a DAO, where Nervos Foundation provides grants and funds. 

3. Godwoken’s Independence and Updates

As we announced in the previous blog, Godwoken, a layer 2 optimistic rollup blockchain, is spinning off into its own independent organization spearheaded by Eric Vander Wal, CEO and former head of Developer Relations at the Nervos Foundation, along with other team members from Nervos Foundation and Cryptape Engineering.

Godwoken Game+ Blockchain prioritizes fun-first gaming through ecosystem incentives, support and cutting edge technology.

Most of the recent improvements to Godwoken are not visible to ordinary users because the development is directed more toward customized development for blockchain games, including the engine, SDK, etc. 

Follow @GodwokenRises on Twitter for more updates. 

4. Marketing Strategy 

We believe that a blockchain is a network state, not just a simple protocol or piece of software. There will be a vast number of states, each with its own laws, preferences, designs, underlying systems, and culture. 

Now more than ever, our marketing strategy is very clear. We must distinguish our uniqueness and make full use of our advantages in a changing market. For instance, NFTs minted on the Nervos CKB blockchain are self-packaged, making it possible for users to send and receive NFTs without paying any gas fees, which is very convenient and user-friendly for Web2 users. The benefits that the Cell model and self-defined cryptographic primitives provide should be known and well understood by the public. 

In addition, we will cooperate with other DeFi projects to bring more infrastructure to Nervos Network, offering more choices for Dapp builders.

5. Finances of Nervos Foundation

Some members of the community have expressed their worries over the finances and have asked us if the Nervos Foundation has run out of funds. The answer is NO, however we are thankful for their concerns.

All foundation funds are kept in stable coins and USD. We don’t convert our funds into cryptocurrencies because we don’t want market fluctuations to have an impact on our finances. We used to engage in some market lending, but we have been lucky enough to evade failures like FTX, Luna, and others. 

Simply said, our finances are in excellent shape and stable.  

6. Incentives and Grants

Our various prior incentive programs, including InNervation and Infrastructure Grants, are still available for applicants. Developers can use the online form or go through the Grants application procedure on Nervos Talk to get in touch with us and request financial help.

The DAO that is planned will be a brand-new incentive strategy, as we have indicated. We are still working on tools and mechanisms for community-based governance. Stay tuned.

7. Nervos Network 2023 Roadmap

Jan Xie is now working on the development roadmap for 2023, which is expected to be released towards the end of this year or the start of the next year. 

In addition, a brand-new version of our website will be available soon.

8. Axon

Axon, a high-performance layer2 framework with native cross-chain function, has been created by the Nervos core developers and its development is near completion. It will undergo extensive testing soon.

There are several teams who are using it for development, and they will deploy blockchains when their dApps go live. 
To learn more about Nervos, visit https://www.nervos.org/ or follow @NervosNetwork on Twitter.