Godwoken Keeps Rising: An Update On Nervos’ Layer 2 Chain

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It has been just over seven weeks since Godwoken, our EVM-compatible Layer 2 blockchain, went live on mainnet beta. Godwoken is part of the multi-layer roadmap that will help propel Nervos to be the future-proof blockchain platform of choice for developers, so we would like to update you on the early development of the Layer 2 chain.

Godwoken initially launched into a mainnet beta, during which we are whitelisting projects in order to give next-level support. We opened up an application process for projects to experience Godwoken and be a part of the next big DeFi ecosystem.

The uptake has been excellent with 85 applications submitted in the first month. As we continue to evaluate these submissions, a number of projects have already been given the green light, such as our Hackathon winners and grant recipients, as well as our flagship DEX YokaiSwap.

What is being built on Godwoken?

Launched earlier this month on our powerful and inherently multi-chain Layer 2, YokaiSwap is the first DEX on the Nervos Network. YokaiSwap already boasts a $60 million total value locked in a fully functional DEX that allows users to trade, stake and farm. The current trading pairs currently available include CKB/YOK and CKB/ USDC. However as Godwoken continues to grow, the possibilities will keep expanding. 

Additionally, we will begin to see our MVP Grants and Hackathon winners build their dApps on Godwoken in the coming months. Some of these projects include:


LambdaDAO is the first decentralized, treasury-backed, reserve currency protocol running on Nervos Network. The team is building a reliable, scalable, and policy-controlled reserve currency system that enables and facilitates a complete detachment from the traditional world of finance.


NervOpt allows the trading of call options on ckETH. The contract has one active call option at each moment, with fixed expiries on the 15th of March, June, September, and December. Each strike will be set as the spot price 115% on the expiry of the previous option.

Insure Defi 

Insure Defi offers collateral protection insurance for crypto-backed loans. Each policy pays 100% of the issued loan amount if the value of the collateral provided by the borrower (i.e. ETH, or tokenized asset) drops by 90% or more.


Git3 is a decentralized ‘GitHub’ built on top of blockchain technology in combination with IPFS/Filecoin. The git repository is represented by a smart contract and stores all important information about the repository. Since it is a smart contract it inherits all the benefits which the blockchain providers, like receiving payment without the need of a third party. The files of the repository are pushed to IPFS.


Boolin is a crowdsourced writers market controlled and underpinned by novel uses of NFTs to buy, sell and support articles. Boolin looks to further the democratization of writing for authors using web3 technology.

Super Plushies

Super Plushies gives users a randomly generated unique Plushie (like a pet) with which they can interact with the real world in AR. They plan to have mini-games and even Player-to-Player interactions using the Plushies. The project essentially brings more real-world interaction compared to generic NFTs. 

More to Come

Godwoken, along with Nervos’ ecosystem tools, account abstraction and Force Bridge are here to create the ultimate interoperability-focused EVM Layer 2.

With both Godwoken and Force Bridge now available, Ethereum developers can use their existing codebases to begin porting their dApps to Nervos, thus enabling them to expand their user reach and brand awareness in a burgeoning network focused on DeFi development. Additionally, bridges to ADA and BTC are also on the horizon, with more chains to follow.

Godwoken will help Nervos become the platform of choice for both developers and users as we continue to make blockchain better, more accessible, and connected.

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