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Godwoken, an EVM-compatible optimistic rollup solution built on the Nervos CKB layer one, is optimized for seamless application development and scalability. The layer two rollup continues to be an integral part of the Nervos ecosystem and is rapidly evolving with the latest v1.5 node version and v1.6.3 for the Godwoken API. Godwoken has come a long way in a short period, with being in beta state only a few months ago and the v0 testnet being recently deprecated. Today, Godwoken continues to integrate novel web3-based solutions for dApp building and universal applications, with some recent ones including XP network, a powerful cross-chain and interoperable NFT solution, and XDAO, a multi-chain DAO creation and management solution for everyone.

The latest updates

As a security primitive, Godwoken submits transactions to the Nervos CKB chain and recently introduced a max cycle limit to establish sustainable block execution. For context, cycles represent the number of computations needed to run a smart contract on the execution environment. The max cycle limit advances the performance and management of blocks submitted to the Nervos layer 1. This is also crucial for verification and security challenge mechanisms and guards the safety of the funds.

To enhance node management and developer experience, a new RPC method has been added to the Godwoken node making it possible to tap into the mempool and view pending transactions directly. 

Godwoken API improvements include: 

  • fixing the transaction log index
  • allow automatic account creation directly on Godwoken
  • allowing rate limits to the Websocket RPC to regulate requests
  • being able to specify the block hash instead of block number when sending calls to RPC methods
  • one of the RPC methods now checks if transactions also exist in a full node when running read-only nodes before returning results. 

More details about the latest node updates and changes to the Godwoken API are available in this Nervos forum update.

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