Getting the Most out of $CKB: What Wallets?


In order to get the most out of a cryptocurrency, users will always look for good wallet support. At Nervos, we are proud of the wallet integrations we have done to enable seamless storage and usage of $CKB.

From the world’s most popular hardware wallet – Ledger,  to being one of the first few coins to integrate with Web 3.0 browser Opera, Nervos is ensuring the safe storage and usability of its token. 

While $CKB can be used and stored across a multitude of wallets, we will be looking at five of the more popular choices for our community – Ledger, Opera, Safepal, imToken, and Portal Wallet.


Recently, it was announced that Ledger had added support for $CKB. Meaning Ledger users can now store, send and receive $CKB using their Ledger Nano X and Ledger Nano S wallets.

This is a major integration for $CKB as it not only provides excellent opportunities for cold storage of the token, but also allows for a lot more utility through the full suite of services available through Ledger.

As part of the integration, users are able to utilize Ledger to sign transactions securely as they use the many new dApps available on Nervos’ EVM-compatible Layer 2 blockchain Godwoken.

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Having announced that Opera would become the fourth blockchain integrated into the Opera browser, we are happy to announce that our Layer 1 integration is currently live!

Opera’s millions of users can send and receive $CKB within the crypto wallet built into the Opera browser on Android. Once the next phase of integration is complete, the wallet will support token transactions on Nervos’ Layer 2, Godwoken.

Nervos is the latest blockchain to complete an integration with the browser after Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Celo.

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Nervos was also recently added to the SafePal wallet ecosystem. Users of SafePal are now able to store their $CKB assets both on layer 1 and layer 2 directly within the SafePal wallet. However, SafePal offers more than just wallet support. 

Through SafePal users have access to a fiat/$CKB gateway via Simplex, an EU-licensed financial institution. SafePal has also integrated the bridge between Nervos and Godwoken and will support liquidity mining of Nervos DeFi projects. Not to mention, SafePal supports $CKB Swap. (More on SafePal Support.) 

SafePal has also been heavily involved in growing our first integrated DEX – YokaiSwap – choosing the DEX  as its first-ever layer 2 partner for Wallet Holder Offering (WHO).

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imToken is a well established digital asset management platform offering an easy, simple and powerful interface for users. They support over 10 million users across more than 100 countries, and provide a multi-chain wallet, built-in token exchange, and a web3 dApp browser.

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Portal Wallet

After the mainnet launch of Nervos in November 2019, Portal Wallet became the first dApp available on the network. 

Portal Wallet is not only a wallet but also a complete dApp that leverages various features of Nervos. Users do not need to download new software or generate new keys/addresses to access Nervos, they can use their existing Ethereum addresses and wallets to receive and send CKB directly. 

To enjoy this seamless experience, users can open the Portal Wallet with MetaMask, imToken, or a variety of other Ethereum dApp browsers to get started.

Portal Wallet bids farewell to the old process of downloading a new wallet to use a new public blockchain dApp, by allowing users to simply use their existing Ethereum address to send and receive CKB. 

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