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Daniel LV Nervos Founder

In a new series from the Nervos Foundation, we want you to get to know our Founders and some of the key people behind the Nervos Network. There are three Founders, Kevin, Daniel and Terry, as well as our Chief Architect Jan. 

In this the first of the Founder Feature series, we will be hearing from Daniel — the Community Builder — to understand his current major focus, some big highlights i9n the growth of Nervos, and what he sees for the project in the coming years. 

Over to Daniel!

Q: What has been your recent big focus? Especially in terms of community building?

Daniel: For me, the most important thing I focus on is helping early developers in the Nervos ecosystem learn, grow, and then create interesting products. In this year, we have seen several interesting projects emerge in our ecosystem, and I expect to see them launch in the coming months. 

At the same time, I have been actively participating in various meet ups and meetings to share the progress of Nervos, and to explore more potential community partners to join us. I’m glad to see we have more active partners joining both in China and overseas.

 Just last month, the CKB holders in China launched a meetup series across the country called “CKB, Vision Wins the Future” which has been successfully held in Chengdu and Kunming, and the holders call CKB “chicken burger coin” as Bitcoin is the “pizza coin”! 

We have a strong community composed of miners, developers, wallets, token holders, and partners in the ecosystem, and we will continue to build consensus in the Nervos community and bring more partners to join us so that our ecosystem can keep thriving.

Q: What have been some big highlights for you in the growth of Nervos?

Daniel: It has been eight years since I joined the blockchain industry and this revolution. On the way to constantly accumulating knowledge of blockchain and broadening my vision, I have also met a group of talented people with kindred spirits, and finally we have been working together for a better world.

During the development of Nervos, I have learned about the complexity in building a decentralized ecosystem and how to stick to long-term valuable things instead of focusing on short-term outcomes when facing lots of noise on the market.

What made me feel most proud is that I met and encouraged a group of talented people to work in crypto/blockchain. In the future, I plan to help Nervos develop with my influence in the crypto space to gather more resources and connections.

Q: Where do you see the future of Nervos going and what will Nervos look like in 5 years time? 

Daniel: I often wonder what blockchain will look like in the next five years. But frankly there is no way to predict the precise landscape of the blockchain world five years from now, just as no one could have predicted decentralized exchanges like Uniswap, loan services like Compound, AAVE, or even NFT five years ago.

However what we actually do know is that blockchain must become an underlying technology that can be adopted by a much larger number of people in the next five years. Based on it, the most essential thing that we have to do from now on is provide a better, more secure infrastructure, and then implement the components of interoperability 2.0, which could allow hundreds of millions of users to access the blockchain world more smoothly.

With Interoperability 2.0 and the creation of Universal Apps on Nervos, any Internet users around the world won’t  have any obstacles to become blockchain users and leverage the blockchain product.

To achieve this goal, Nervos is building a unified crypto economy network. At the same time, it must be the platform that could store trillions of assets.

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