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Recently, Nervos launched its first NFT marketplace on our powerful and secure Layer 1 (the Common Knowledge Base). NFTs have shot to prominence in the mainstream as well as crypto spaces, but they have had some teething pains along the way. 

Today minting, buying, and selling NFTs is a convoluted process across most marketplaces. This makes it difficult for creators, artists, developers, and users to seamlessly and efficiently engage in the space.

To address this issue, makes it easy for creators and everyday users to mint, buy, and sell NFTs. Similar to a standard e-commerce checkout, offers a simple user experience that only takes three steps:

  1. First, create a wallet using your email and password.
  2. Browse and pick the NFT you want to buy.
  3. Purchase the NFT using $CKB or a credit card where available.

One of the biggest advantages for users of is that, thanks to the Nervos platform, users can send, receive, or create NFTs with barely any fees, removing a major barrier to entry for creators and users who pay high gas fees to access NFTs on Ethereum.

A Familiar Experience without the Fees

Kollect has tried to combat two of the biggest barriers to entry when it comes to being a part of the NFT space: bad user experience and high fees. 

Right from the front page, Kollect has aimed to simplify the process of buying and selling NFTs with its intuitive user design. More than that, the team have also looked to make the entire process seamless by even allowing users to log in or register with their UniPass ID. 

On the Nervos side, the usual gas fees associated with other NFT platforms using Ethereum are not a consideration with Kollect. Users can send, receive, or create NFTs with barely any fees, because of the flexible and powerful layer 1 on which is built. 

The marketplace launched with featured work from several emerging artists and studios from around the world, including Mikal James, an iron and digital artist who strives to make pieces that grab attention and ideally create a visual impact with a strong positive signal; Fabeeo Breen, a digital project that combines technology and technical experience with the fashion and sustainability sector; and Hunter X Labs, the creator of CK Punks NFTs on Nervos.

To hear more about the Kollect experience from a cryptocurrency YouTuber, and why he is holding onto his CK Punks, click here.

How to get Buying has worked hard to make buying and selling NFTs as simple as possible. If you want to get going and buy your first NFT with $CKB, we have a really good community-produced guide you can go through here. For a guide on how to set up a UniPass account on Kollect and set up the Platform, please click here.


Powered by Nervos, the NFT marketplace simplifies the NFT minting, buying, and selling process for both creators and everyday users. By bridging the gap between technical understanding and non-technical functionality, is opening up the world of NFTs to everyone.

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