3, 2, 1 Build!

The Nervos Layer 2 is Now Live and Open for ALL to Build


Get ready to build on a new improved Nervos Layer 2 – Godwoken. This 100% EVM-compatible Optimistic Roll-up is now open for all developers to port or build on right away. We made this newest version of Godwoken even better to enable quick and easy dApp development. 

100% EVM Compatible

No Whitelisting/Freedom to Build

Instant Interoperability


Built on a Secure Layer 1

The Nervos Layer 1 is a public blockchain that provides the security and decentralization for the Nervos platform. It generates trust and extends to all upper layers promoting flexibility and scalability.

Familiar Building Tools

Use hardhat, truffle, web3.js, ethers.js, graph-node, foundry, Python, C# or anything really. Godwoken is now JSON-RPC compliant with Ethereum specifications to make porting applications a breeze. 

User Improvements

The Public provider load balancing has been introduced and Layer 2 node code has been optimized. This includes improvements to the built-in node transaction indexer.

CKB on Godwoken is an ERC20 token and ERC20 interface should be used when transferring. CKB has now 18 decimals on Godwoken instead of 8, which improves compatibility with MetaMask.

Sending tokens now costs an estimated low amount of $0.001 per transaction. 


Our growing community is here to support your dApp. Tap into the power of the Nervos community and get users immediately.
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Developer Support

Nervos provides support through the Nervos Foundation funded, Build Club program to help new developers get up to speed quickly and start building. This program has formalized a process that provides developers with key educational Web3 courses, technical document guidance, and marketing playbooks to set projects up for success.

Get Started Building Now

Start building or apply to join the Build Club program.

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